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Water, Woods, and Wildlife...
come together to make Langlade County an impressive place to Visit, Live It, Love It!

Home to 543 lakes, 225 streams, almost 400 miles of trout streams, and 300 spring ponds, Langlade County is perfect for all water enthusiasts. Our waters let you choose many different adventures, try canoeing or kayaking on any of our "Wilderness Lakes" (under 1,000 acres). If you prefer something faster, consider boating or water skiing across Summit Lake, White Lake, and others. Langlade County's varied waters also award anglers of all ages with several types of fish. Musky, Pike, Bass and Trout are just a few of the fish that Langlade County is known for. You can also spend time rafting down 46 miles of the powerful Wolf River in eastern Langlade County. For more information about our Waters, visit our Recreation & Trails page!

If you prefer a drier adventure, take advantage of the 127,000 acres of public owned land that make an amazing display for Langlade County's woods! Maple, hemlock and birch forests make an impressive backdrop for the diverse, year-round activities Langlade County affords. Hike along part of the famous Ice Age Trail that winds through the county. You can also appreciate the charm of the changing seasons from a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle. A quieter choice is horseback riding on one of our four, well-marked trails. Choose the Crocker Hills, Evergreen, Moccasin Lake, or Popple Ridge Trails for a one-of-a-kind event. For more information about our Woods, visit our Recreation & Trails page!

Langlade County is rich with large and small wildlife. Encounter wildlife of all sizes while taking a walk through the picturesque outdoors. Bear, deer, chipmunks, and wild turkeys are just a few of the species you might see on your walk. During winter, spend time on the cross-country ski trails that criss cross Langlade County. For a wildlife experience that is second-to-none, bring your bike. You can choose from road-riding or mountain biking. The biking trails showcase the true, natural beauty of Langlade County and its wildlife. To have a memorable wildlife adventure, feed the fenced in deer located on the east side of Highway 45, just north of Antigo. If you are a hunter, we provide diverse licenses for many of the species here. For more information about our Wildlife, visit our Recreation & Trails page!

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